9 Low-Cost Ways to Make Your Event Memorable


Imagine this:

Your wedding anniversary is approaching…

You want to throw a great party.


You do not want to spend too much and do not want to make it an extravagant affair…

Here’s the good news:

You can use extremely low-cost ways to make the event memorable one!!!

You can use creative and inexpensive ways to make the event colourful, lively and pleasant.

To help you organize a great event, here are 9 low-cost ways that you can use:


  • The warm glow of candlelight can set the perfect tone for any event!
  • Put them in glasses – any shape or size. Bubble ball vase or hurricane glasses.

Put them in glasses

  • Candles instantly create the mood for the party.
  • Choose your event and choose the kind of candles you want to use!
  • Candles can fit into any theme or decorative arrangement you have in mind. Put them in wine bottles or hang them from trees, candles fill you with delight at the first sight.
  • Candles cost nearly nothing but they are invaluable for making your event memorable!

Choose a Venue with Natural Surroundings

  • Decoration cost is what makes any event a costly affair.
  • Worrying about decoration cost, you, at times, think of giving up the idea of the event…
  • So look for a venue that has natural surroundings – trees and scenic beauty of its own!

trees and scenic beauty

  • Now you don’t have to pay heavily for decoration of the venue.
  • Your attendees will love a venue that is at situated the lap of Nature.
  • You might wonder how it can fit into the theme of my event.
  • Nature can be a great backdrop for a variety of themes. With warm candlelight, it can create a huge impact on your attendees.

With warm candlelight,

  • So pick a location that has its own scenery and throw a bash worth remembering!!!

Dress up the Venue with Local Flowers!

  • Flowers instantly touch our hearts! But flowers purchased out of season can be quite costly!
  • So buy local flowers available in the particular season at the time of the event.
  • This makes it a fairly inexpensive option.
  • You can get the seasonal flowers from a local shop and splash them all over the venue!!!

Add a dash of colour with flowers

  • Add a dash of colour with flowers EVERYWHERE! Tables, walls, all around the candles, at the entry, at the exit- anywhere else you think the attendees are likely to stand and chit-chat!!!
  • Procured locally, the seasonal flowers can reduce your budget anxiety and add a magic charm to the event!!!

Invite through Social Media

  • Instead of expensive way of printing Invites, go for social media! Use your social media handles!

social media invitation

  • Go on Facebook, create an event and send an invite to your friends from the list!
  • Use all possible social media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Printed Invites may or may not reach the attendees in time. But social media has an instant impact. You create and event on social media or share the link and it can reach your contacts in a fraction of a second!
  • Some people use video invites as well. Think of creating a video invite that fuels the excitement for the event!!!
  • If you use social media, you can also figure out how many are going to attend because they will leave a reply to you! This adds to the way you can accurately plan the food etc.
  • With EVAPP, you can set up an app for your event and coordinate the event from a single platform. You can invite your contacts, share different things with them and help them keep track of the event from start to finish.

EVAPP-Event Organization - Copy


Food – Quality is way more important than quantity!


  • Guess what, you must have attended events wherein there is every known dish on the menu. However, the taste did not make a great impression on you!
  • Anyway, food is what accelerates the budget of an event. So you should consider it carefully.
  • Make sure you do not go for a great variety of food items that can lead to a lot of waste. Instead, opt for food items which are mouth-watering but limit the number of dishes to a few.
  • Thus, attendees will only eat from the few food items available. It means waste of food will be substantially reduced.
  • In addition, you can choose the right kind of mix and match of items. Use your creativity in selection of dishes which could be low-cost but suits the taste of your attendees.
  • Even in preparation of food, you can think of getting the raw material from the local farm and get it at a discounted rate!
  • Food is something that people talk about even when they recall the event. So choose delicacies wisely and make the event memorable!

Throw a Dash of Colour

  • Paint the town red, as the saying goes! Or may be blue or yellow? How about white?
  • Colour can be an eye-catching attraction at your event.

throw a dash of color

  • Use it as a theme. May be, you can use any one colour!
  • It could be a one-colour theme at your event. Make it all red and see how it sets the mood for the party.
  • Colour can apply to anything and everything. You can make all food items appear in a particular colour. Think of candlelight of a certain colour.
  • You could think of a preferred colour as dress code for the event. Black could look as beautiful and white could also slay it!

dress code

  • You could think of a colour combination as well! Mix and match colours and you will add to the photographer’s delight!
  • Colour-coordinated themes will make the venue look enthralling.
  • Throw a dash of colour and the event will forever be etched in the memories of your attendees!!!

Use Balloons and more Balloons!!!

  • Balloons spice up the excitement and cost little!
  • Make creative use of balloons and you will see the way your event becomes way more fun-filled.
  • Place balloons here, there and everywhere- at the entry, at the exit, food counter, main event area etc.

balloon dacoration at wedding

  • Use balloons of different colours. You can also add confetti. This will add to the effect.
  • Decorate the event area with balloons and create games which involve balloons. Ask them to paint the balloons. This will make for a fun moment in the event.

balloon dacoration

  • Use LED-lit balloons and the night lighting will become a completely different experience for your attendees.

What is an event without fun games?

  • Want your attendees to have fun??? Create some fun games for them and ask them to play!
  • Games could be of all kinds. Use games that your attendees might have played in childhood. This sets the stage for reflection and childhood bonding again.
  • You can think of games as per the target group of attendees. If it is teenagers, your games should involve a lot more fun or they won’t play! If your attendees are colleagues and higher ups, you need to use games that tease the brains a little more.
  • Games will let the attendees relax and relieve the stress. It will allow them to work together in pairs or team to solve a puzzle or play a team game. In all, it enables them to bond with one another.
  • If your attendees think they are having fun, they will click pictures and video-record it on their cell phones. This is a great way to make it memorable for everyone.
  • All you need for setting up games is a few props and some space!
  • Games cost a little and yet are invaluable for making an event memorable!

Light, Camera and Photobooth!

  • Want your attendees to create the memories there and then? Install a photobooth and the attendees will do the rest.
  • Generally, a photobooth could be a costly affair but just go for a DSLR camera and white backdrop. Your attendees will queue up to take their own clicks and have fun at the photobooth!
  • Want to add more spice to it?
  • Use props. Keep some themes for the photobooth, if you like.

use props

  • This will lead to crazy photography taking place at the event without your getting involved. If you want to leverage it, just connect the camera with a laptop and start a slideshow!!!
  • Your attendees will go nuts with it! This will divert the crowd to the photobooth!
  • Your attendees will remember the fun and the craziness for all the time to come!


Don’t bank on your budget to make things creative and fun at your event!

Depend on your creativity to accelerate the fun quotient at your event.

Costly things that you may procure may not even get noticed and the simple, low-cost but fun things will draw all the attention!

So don’t worry about the budget you have.

Apply your creativity and use these low-cost and inexpensive ways to make your event memorable.


Flowers, candles, colour and games can make the event more memorable than all the expensive things put together.

Use the tips shared here and let the event be etched in the memory of your attendees!!!